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Spill Tray UAE (D-Safe) was established in the year 2012. Spill Tray UAE is the distributor for a number of Companies in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and African Region dealing Spill Containment Products, Secondary Containment Products, Spill Pallets, Drum Spill Pallets, IBC Spill Pallets, Spill Trays, Drip Trays, Drum Handling Equipment. 

The best way to manage and handle spills is through the most effective spill try and spill pallet. Protect your space from damage using the most prominent secondary containers strong enough to avoid. Spill Trays in UAE will cover up with a secure method of holding heavy containers filled with chemicals to prevent leaks. The main usage of spill trays is that it provides the most compatible materials used for making spill trays and pallets.


  The main advantage of our spill pallets is the load capacity, Spilltrayuae  structural variance makes it easier to carry heavy materials. Another catchy aspect is the stain protection given by these spill trays and pallets, they are designed in a manner that if the top layer container has leaks which get spread to the secondary spill tray which could be cleaned in the easiest manner. The spill trays in Dubai is the most safest method to protect and safeguard from corrosion, chemical damage and various other environmental hazards .Our spill tray and pallets are also slip proof which is another major advantage.


The spill trays are made in the  most adaptable and portable making it easier to use and handle.  Spill tray uae  makes the most durable products which hold different ranges of materials including the heavyweight products, containers having acids or chemicals,oils and high corrosive materials. Our hygienic and environment friendly containers are the best choice for you in a cost effective manner.

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