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Spill Pallet - 3 Drum

we prioritize safety and environmental compliance in industrial settings. We are excited to present our Spill Pallet designed to accommodate three drums, providing a robust solution for the secure containment of hazardous materials. Engineered for durability, ease of maintenance, and efficiency, our spill pallet ensures comprehensive spill prevention for your workspace.

Spill Pallet - 3 Drum

Key Features

1. Triple Drum Capacity: Tailored to hold three standard-sized drums, our spill pallet offers an efficient and dedicated containment solution for facilities managing larger volumes of hazardous liquids.

2. Durable Polyethylene Construction: Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, the spill pallet ensures durability and resistance to a diverse range of chemicals, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

3. Removable Grates: Featuring easily removable grates, the spill pallet allows for quick access during cleaning and maintenance. In the event of a spill, the grates can be lifted effortlessly for immediate cleanup.

4. Secondary Containment: Functioning as a secondary containment measure, the spill pallet prevents leaks, drips, and spills from reaching the floor, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the safety of personnel.

5. Space-Efficient Design: Despite its triple drum capacity, the spill pallet is designed with a space-saving footprint, allowing for flexible placement within your workspace without compromising valuable floor space.


  • Chemical Manufacturing Facilities: Ideal for facilities handling larger volumes of hazardous chemicals, providing comprehensive spill containment for three drums.

  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Suited for storage areas managing multiple drums, offering spill containment for accidental leaks or spills during storage or transportation.

  • Industrial Workspaces: Perfect for workshops or manufacturing settings where drums are utilized, ensuring a secure environment and preventing spills from spreading.

  • Transportation and Logistics: Convenient for use during the transportation of three drums, providing a portable and effective spill containment solution.

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