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Spill Pallet - 4 Drum

safety is our top priority, and we are delighted to present our Spill Pallet designed to accommodate four drums. Engineered for durability, chemical resistance, and ease of use, our spill pallet provides a robust solution for the secure containment of hazardous materials. Enhance your facility's safety protocols with our efficient spill prevention system.

Spill Pallet 4 Drum

​DIMENSIONS : 1300 x 1300 x 300mm
CONTAINERS : 4 x 205ltr
SUMP : 221ltr
COLOUR : Yellow
WEIGHT : 36kg
UDL :4000kg

Key Features

  • Quadruple Drum Capacity: Tailored to hold four standard-sized drums, our spill pallet offers an efficient and dedicated containment solution for facilities managing substantial volumes of hazardous liquids.

  • Sturdy Polyethylene Construction: Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, the spill pallet ensures durability and resistance to a diverse range of chemicals, making it suitable for various industrial applications.

  • Removable Grates: Featuring easily removable grates, the spill pallet allows for quick access during cleaning and maintenance. In the event of a spill, the grates can be lifted effortlessly for immediate cleanup.

  • Secondary Containment: Functioning as a secondary containment measure, the spill pallet prevents leaks, drips, and spills from reaching the floor, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring the safety of personnel.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Despite its quadruple drum capacity, the spill pallet is designed with a space-saving footprint, allowing for flexible placement within your workspace without compromising valuable floor space.

  • Forklift Accessibility: Built-in forklift pockets facilitate easy transportation and relocation of the spill pallet within your facility, ensuring adaptability to changing work environments.


  • Chemical Manufacturing Facilities: Ideal for facilities handling substantial volumes of hazardous chemicals, providing comprehensive spill containment for four drums.

  • Warehousing and Distribution Centers: Suited for storage areas managing multiple drums, offering spill containment for accidental leaks or spills during storage or transportation.

  • Industrial Workspaces: Perfect for workshops or manufacturing settings where drums are utilized, ensuring a secure environment and preventing spills from spreading.

  • Transportation and Logistics: Convenient for use during the transportation of four drums, providing a portable and effective spill containment solution.

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