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Spill Tray UAE (D-Safe), established in 2012 is one of the leading Drip tray suppliers in UAE. We distribute drip trays for a wide range of Companies in UAE, Middle East, and Africa. 


If there is a leakage with chemicals or oil containers, the floor will be damaged easily. Drip trays are a necessity for every company dealing with chemicals and fertilizers.  To avoid this, drip trays are very much needed. There are different types of drip trays in the market that help to keep operational areas neat and clean, to some extent. Though these trays are not capable of preventing large amounts of leaks, with regular cleaning of the trays, you can manage the same. 


However, before purchasing the tray, you should verify its features with  Drip tray dealers because it is very important to buy a tray with good resistance capacity. Since drip trays come in different sizes and shapes, buying it from a trustworthy Drip tray supplier, is really important. Since our inception, our clients have rated us as the most credible Drip tray suppliers dubai, and we have never disappointed them. 


If you are looking for drip tray UAE dealers and service providers, talk to us!

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